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Прогноз клева в житковичах на 10 дней

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No wonder that the last century fishermen kept diaries describing weather, lures, catches. Modern technologies have significantly simplified the process, and a large number of reports will help to reduce the statistical error, and allow to pre-determine what fish, when and where to catch. But how to determine tench activity at other times. I believe that signs necessarily need to be backed by science, and then you do not stay without a catch.

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рыбалка житковичи на неделю

Enter a city name in the account settings for your convenience Account settings Cancel. Global FAI low activity medium activity high activity Quality index: Moon phase New Growing Full Decreasing. Share fishing forecast for perch in Zhytkavichy:. Babruysk Baranavichy Braslaw Brest Dzisna.

Прогноз клева на неделю в Житковичи, рыбалка в Житковичи Гомельская область, Беларусь

Masty Mazyr Minsk Navapolatsk Orsha. Pinsk Polatsk Slavgorod Soligorsk Svetlogorsk. Amos Blankenship, IT - Specialist..

рыбалка житковичи на неделю

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