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строй фидера дайва

УниверсаЛьный солдат Aiko Dixi 195 UL

All information on the site is of a reference nature and is not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Any discrepancy of the information about the goods on the site with the fact is just an unfortunate misunderstanding. Apex Aiko Dixi UL, test Line Unitex Aiko Mid Game, 0. Оставляю обработку персональных данных Not selected Да.

рыбалка в дикси

Length Two hundred ten Test 1 - 7 2 - 9. Transport length One hundred five. How to get the goods: One Test baits max.

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  • One Test fishing line max. Five Number of sections 2 Accessories Alconite Stroy r-fast. Description a Series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light.

    рыбалка в дикси

    For exact information on the product, please contact the manufacturer. Showing of 29 items.

    рыбалка в дикси

    As anyone, but this is my "twig". Works third season, paired with a similar "budget" Shimano, Alivio. It was taken as a reserve. Neznanke, as it fell into the realm of "toothy," but From good deed goes unpunished. So, show-off past If that!!. Good LUCK to everyone!!. Already ordered tell the top from Dixie test g fit to the base of the test gr.

    рыбалка в дикси

    Suitable only for the top recommended by the manufacturer. In stock Dixie,the test gr??. This item is in stock.

    рыбалка в дикси

    Can place your order. Send your contacts to our email or call us.

    Fishing-rod Aiko Dixi DIX195UL (DIX195UL)

    AIKO Dixi - a series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light. Twitching crankbaits, outlet leash, bleszinki and a small cranky - this series is perfect for most baits within the test range. In this model, spinning reel, this option is not provided. I bought this spinning in the store but there are no rings under the spinner znicit know what the cigs are fake. Spinning is not a fake. In this model, the spinning, this option is not provided.

    Магазин дикси в угре

    I want to buy dixi, but it is on order. Whether it will bring. It worth the wait. Leave review [ Login ] Only authorized users can rate it Author email.

    Спиннинги Aiko Dixi

    By submitting a review, you agree to the processing of your personal data. Your review will appear on the website immediately after moderation. With this product buy:.

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